Make a child smile is an organization that started in the year 2015.and has been in existence for the last one and a half years. It was born out of the passion to help and support the suffering children who are usually victims of child trafficking, child sacrifice, child labor/ abuse, rape, child mothers, and many other forms of child mistreatment. These are elements of abuse of children’s rights which are rampant especially here in Africa and Uganda in particular.  Most children that we see littered on the streets of Kampala and other major towns of Uganda are victims of the above cases and in many cases the available children’s homes do not suffice the available problem.

It is on these grounds that make a child smile was birthed as a vision in the heart of Mr. Ssembatya Alex the vision bearer in order to bring hope to these hopeless children.   

Vision Statement: To make a child smile by changing his/her upbringing and spiritual wellbeing

Mission Statement: To bring a smile on a vulnerable child’s face by making he/she access the basic needs of life in both health and education.

GOAL: Eradicating child sacrifice and trafficking (modern slavery) in Wakiso and Uganda at large, seeing children free and able to live in a safe environment.


  • To raise awareness, understanding and knowledge about child trafficking among others.
  • To provide a basic education, vocational education and training for the disadvantaged children.
  • To make campaigns on child trafficking and abuse among others to the public and increase awareness about HIV/aids among the target groups and counsel them about the sexually transmitted diseases
  • To empower vulnerable children through sponsorship programs
  • To provide knowledge and skills to the vulnerable children so that they can become self-reliant in future
  • To provide the qualities of after school youths dropout in both urban and rural areas by increasing their competence through skill training.
  • To establish income generating projects/actives that aim at improving on both the physical and psychological capacity of children with disabilities, street children and orphaned to mention but a few who are deprived of basic means of survival.
  • To provide immediate relief items to the targeted group especially the vulnerable groups in our community.
  • To preach, teach and spread the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to all groups of children in our communities and the world at large in obedience to the great commission of our Lord contained in mark 16:15; “go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature” believe in God for great spiritual awakening, revival and harvest.

  • To help the needy as far as the limits of our potential can enable us, visit the sick, comfort the afflicted, promote the children’s work of mercy and widen the frontiers of knowledge.
  • To print and publish religious literature, newspaper, periodical books, leaflets, pamphlets about the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ and the miracles performed by his name.
  • To promote the spiritual and bodily welfare of the children and general public at large
  • To establish new churches with the objective of evangelizing to the local people and initiating developmental projects such as health centers and schools.

Organizational values:

  1. Working with efficiency and long term sustainability.
  2. Valuing the principle of children’s rights and empowerment of the vulnerable children.
  3. Solving the cases of child sacrifice and trafficking among others.