The Children’s education program that is being initiated. This is because it was discovered through the baseline survey carried out in some of our project areas that the education situation is alarming and needs immediate attention to save the young generation of this country.

Our focus is directed to recruiting all children in school to enjoy their right to education to its fullness. Together with the support of stake-holders in the communities, we strive to have an informed young generation that sustainably value their lives, families and the whole environment as they grow. We hope to reach the capacity of 75% of the population of children not attending school doing so, by the end of the project cycle.

Goal: Children attending pre-primary and primary school education multiplied.


  1. Change in attitude towards education in the area
  2. Increase knowledge and skills base among children
  3. Combat early marriages

Expected Outcomes

  • Increased number of children enrolled in pre-primary and primary schools.
  • Reduced child labor in communities
  • Increase number of girls attaining education
  • Reduced number of school drop-outs

Join this program. May God richly bless you as you help educate a child