MCS assists families in our Child Sponsorship program (CSP) by financing school related costs, such as fees, uniforms, books, and lunches in order to relieve economic burdens on impoverished families.

Child sponsorship program is a type of fundraising in which a not-for-profit or charity organization associates and links a donor sponsor with a particular child or children beneficiaries. This creates a bond between the sponsors and the beneficiaries. The donated funds are not specifically spent on the sponsored child but are merged with other contributions to fund a variety of education, health and skills.

Our main focus is to assist children especially orphans, girls, disabled and other vulnerable children in the communities that are finding hardship in attaining quality education. Emphasis is on enabling them to have immediate access to free, high quality education by financing quality education, financing school costs such as fees, uniforms, scholastic materials and meals in order relieve economic burdens on impoverished children and families.


We believe by sponsoring a child’s education needs, we help support poor families to educate their children, and above all to provide a valuable incentive to keep children in full time education thus working towards meeting the fourth Sustainable Development Goal which seeks to ensure that by 2030, children everywhere, girls and boys alike, will be able to complete a full course of primary schooling.

Many children in Africa lack access to basic necessities such as education, health care, good shelter and nutrition. The situation is worse in many remote communities because families are completely not aware of the rights of every human being and much worse, ignorant on issues related to children’s rights and well-being.

Sponsoring a child not only avails resources to these children to be able to attain quality education and other basic necessities but also provide an umbrella-shade in which they are able to be empowered, survive through the harsh conditions surrounding them and in the end, raising the standards of living of not only these children but also their families and the communities at large. Your donations are the smiles rising on the faces of these children and in realty, who would not want to see such amazing faces all over the globe.