• Our vision is to make a child smile by changing his/her upbringing and spiritual well-being

    we work to bring hope to these hopeless children
  • Our mission is to bring a smile on a vulnerable child’s face by making their access the basic needs of life in both health and education

    We work to raise awareness, understanding and knowledge about child trafficking among others.
  • Our Goal is to eradicating child sacrifice and trafficking (modern slavery) in Wakiso and Uganda at large, seeing children free and able to live in a safe environment.

    We provide a basic education, vocational education and training for the disadvantaged children.
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  • Welcome to the Make a Child Smile Website
  • Sponsor a Child
  • Stop Child Sacrifice
  • Fight Child Abuse
  • Child Sponsorship
  • Partner with us
  • Raising Awareness
We empower vulnerable children through sponsorship programs
Child Sponsorship Programs
We provide basic education for the disadvantaged children
Help the Children to go to School
We work hard to raise awareness about child trafficking
Get Involved Lets raise awareness
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We help vulnerable children to become self-reliant in future
Self Reliant and Empowered Children
Partner with MCS to fight child abuse and increase awareness
Stop, Fight Child Abuse
Help eradicate child sacrifice and trafficking
A Safe Environment for Kids
We work to provide immediate relief items to the vulnerable groups in our community.
Provision of Relief
We visit the sick, comfort the afflicted, promote the children’s participation
Wide Children's Knowledge Frontiers
We also print and publish religious literature about the good news of Jesus
Printing of Religious Literature
We promote the spiritual and bodily welfare of the children and general public at large
Children Welfare
We aim to establish new churches with the objective of evangelizing to the local people
New Churches
We preach, teach and spread the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to all children
Preach The Gospel
As a child sponsor, you’ll be meeting the most pressing needs of a child. You’ll develop a meaningful relationship
Child Sponsor
And you’ll be able to teach the children in your life the importance of sharing with those in desperate need through you
Share and be blessed
Who knows, You may give birth to a whole new generation of child sponsors!
Generation of Child Sponsors
Every day new children are available for sponsorship. If you are interested in a child, please email us here.
Help Childres
We’ll do our best to match you and your family with the child you feel led to help!
Sponsor Help
Every day new children are available for sponsorship. If you are interested in a child, please email us here.
Create Smiles


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